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Gem of a Diamond

Designing a website to cater to luxury clients and investors


Gem of a Diamond is a family-owned jewellery business that aimed to enhance their previous website. The owner sought a solution that integrated with their current systems and highlighted their existing services that were not previously advertised. After conducting thorough research, interviews, prototyping, and iteration, the team developed a website that satisfied both the customer demands and business requirements, resulting in an improved online presence.



Interaction designer

Experience designer





Persona development

Qualitative and quantitative research

User Journey

Persona refinement



Low and Mid Fidelity Mockups

Design (Typography, Color, editing)

Intuitive navigation

Gem of a Diamond is a generational jewelry business that wanted to improve its previous website. The owner needed a solution that merged with their current systems as well as included existing services that weren't advertised. Through research, interviews, prototyping and iteration the team created a website to match both the offer and user needs to improve their online presence.

Redefining the customer experience

Gem of a Diamond is a luxury brand that aims to provide exceptional experiences for its high-value clients through its website. To that end, we have created two new website pages and a new section to guide users through the process.

Concierge services

GOD provides concierge services to its customers. Although it was not previously advertised, the team has now created a webpage and implemented a booking system that is user-friendly for new and existing clients, as well as the company.


Gem of a Diamond has significantly improved its website. Their online presence is better, and they have organized their catalogue and services. The result is a website that reflects their high quality and experience.

Custom Designs

GOD's custom pieces showcase their commitment to their craft and clients. We launched a new webpage to streamline and assist users with the process.

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