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uCook is a community-based app that connects foodies, creators, chefs, and people who want to express their creativity and share their love with others through food


uCook is a concept app for anyone that wants to have more variety and try new recipes, but they don't know how to cook different dishes, current apps in the market focus only on showcasing new recipes but lack the educational background that allows the user to asses their level as well as creating a journey for users to improve their skills. The app teaches people from any level to become a better cook and share their recipes with the community. 



Interaction designer

Experience designer





Persona development


User Journey

Persona refinement

Minimum Viable Product



Figma prototype

Mid and High Fidelity Mockups

Design (Typography, Color, photoshop)

Low Fi Mockups

The initial mockups played a crucial role in helping the team identify areas for improvement in terms of interaction and feedback. They served as a valuable tool for understanding the key information required by the user in relation to the product.


Many people desire variety in their meals and are eager to try new recipes, but they often lack the knowledge or skills to prepare a diverse range of dishes.

Initial interviews

Initial Interviews showed that users were more interested in the emotional side of cooking rather than the practical side and looked for the connection between friends, family and culture

Competitors Research

Current competitors focus on the practicality side of cooking, wether it is a food delivery app, or ingredient delivery app or a recipe app. Furthermore they lack connection or an active community

Key findings

Our interviews showed lack of time as one of the main pain-points as well as cooking skills when it came to preparing dishes. In the emotional side they associate cooking with expressing love an appreciation by sharing food.

Initial Research

User flow diagram

By meticulously mapping the app's flow, the team improved interactions and user experience, leading to increased efficiency and speed. The integration of social logins streamlined onboarding, while customization options for selecting dishes based on price, diet, skill level, and cuisine added a personalized touch. The app's kitchen interface resembling a family cookbook evokes a warm and familiar atmosphere, enhancing the overall user journey.


The test of the high fidelity mockup gave us valuable feedback in terms of how the product is used and helped us improve the existing features.


After the final round of  testing  and feedback we refined the product  to improve fidelity and interaction.

Figma prototype


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